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Julie is your no-nonsense guide to menopause. In a world that often complicates wellbeing, she cuts through the noise, delivering clear, back-to-basics strategies for managing every stage of menopause, from peri to post. Her aim is to demystify your experience and offer tangible, practical advice.

Julie Court
Julie Court

Rejecting the “no pain, no gain” philosophy, Julie champions positive, feel-good changes that create lasting impact. Specialising in straightforward nutrition, lifestyle adjustments and effective breathwork techniques, she gently tackles the challenges of menopause, turning them into opportunities for growth. Julie believes menopause is a transformative time of life and she is dedicated to showing women how to navigate this stage with confidence.

Join Julie at this special Menopause Retreat and discover how simple, easy-to-implement changes can have far-reaching impacts on your experience of menopause. In this supportive environment, you’ll enjoy cosy accommodation, nourishing meals and stunning landscapes that invite you to fully unwind. Engage in empowering sessions where tools like breathwork ease anxiety and reduce stress, discussions enhance self-understanding and activities rejuvenate both body and mind. This retreat invites you to step back from daily pressures, indulge in self-care and return home with a renewed outlook.

Find out more about Julie at https://essexmenopausecoach.com/

Room prices are the same as for our other courses.  Eary bird discount of 10% for bookings before 18th June. 

For more details, email us at [email protected]


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