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Getting your message across

Whether you are working just for yourself or for a large corporation, you have to be an effective communicator. You want to tell your company’s story and promote its vision to stakeholders and to the wider community. You will, in effect, be an ambassador for your business.

This intensive communications masterclass will help you make that happen. You will take a deep dive into business communications, considering how best to:

  • Use the main principles and tools in the field – online and offline.
  • Speak in public and convey key positions and statements.
  • Draft and deliver key messages to relevant colleagues.
  • Manage the way your business is seen by stakeholders and shape their expectations.
  • Deal with the media on specific subjects and in difficult contexts.

You will learn how to get your message across most effectively in a variety of different situations: at public seminars, meetings and events; online; and in discussions with the media.

A series of case studies will be used to illustrate best practice in the areas of:

  • Message development
  • Public speaking
  • Using social media
  • Handling relations with the press
  • Interaction between traditional and social media

Courses can be designed for individuals or groups of two to four.  In each case, the aim will be to relate best practice to your needs and to consider what can be achieved within the limitations of an institutional environment.  The emphasis will be on understanding and creating communications techniques and methodologies which you will be able to apply for yourself in your future communications activities.

Prices start at €950 for three days. For detailed costs and availability, contact [email protected]

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