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"I feel that I can help empower women to really look forward to their middle and later years: to give them a sense of purpose for this moment, which might be very different from previous years; to enable them to accept where they are at, and to be excited about their future."

Education is everything – whatever your age might be!  I wish I had realised that when I was at school!  As the mother of four  grown-up children, I understand at first-hand how the ways in which people respond to situations and to others change over time. When I was bringing up my children there was always plenty of support, but as I reached the challenges of middle-age I found much less. As women, we go through important emotional and physical changes, and I want to use my knowledge of that process to help others along the same journey.

I have spent the last 12 years working in Education. As well as running courses in South West France and coaching private clients, I work with an organisation empowering school-age students to make an impact in their community. In my spare time, my passions are music and nature and seeing my clients flourish in a positive atmosphere.

"The more coaching I do at Le Bêtet, the more I see how important Nature is to the way we think and feel about ourselves and the world in which we live and work. It has a profound and positive influence on our thought processes."

For me, coaching is a route to helping people reach their true potential. It should always be a shared journey.  The coach is there to guide, not to direct. I place great emphasis on empathy and self-awareness and I have a strong belief in the importance of ethical issues to decision-making. 

I hold an MA in Economics and Philosophy from the University of St. Andrews and am a visiting Professor in Communications at the Brussels International College of Journalism. My principal interests are gardening, theatre and history.

"My work derives from a natural desire to paint the elusive dance of life."

Born in Buenos Aires, Florencia Cairo moved to live in Europe 30 years ago. Inspired not only by the memory of her native vast open spaces, stretching as far as the eye can see, but also by the journeys she has ‘shared’ with the great, indomitable female explorers, landscape has always been a constant in her work.

Influenced by the rolling landscapes of Argentina, her work fluctuates between the figurative and the abstract expressionist. She has a profound conviction that art can and should be seen as a powerful medium for the preservation of nature. Her paintings take the viewer on a journey of exploration to appreciate better the complex nature of our world and our place in it.

"My passion is helping others to find natural solutions to modern life."


My motto is ‘thrive not survive’. I help my clients achieve this. We have this gift of life so let’s make sure we shine and dance as bright, and as vibrantly, as we can. I am passionate about health and wellness. How nutrition can play such a big part in how we function but also how other complementary therapies can aid the whole body, mind, spirit so that you can truly glow with a vitality of life.

I am mother to four young children and have been through my own journey with an severe form of atopic eczema that controlled my life for 10 years. Until i embarked upon my own healing journey which led me to where i am now – free of it all.

I am a highly skilled and qualified reflexologist, flower essence practitioner ,  reiki practitioner and professional nutritional advisor.

I am nuts about sourdough, fermenting food and poetry.

“I’m all about savouring life’s simple pleasures. From indulging in delicious food and a cheeky glass of wine to finding happiness in activities like paddle boarding and travelling, life is all about finding balance.”

Julie Court

I started out as a Nutritionist and used myself as a guinea pig to test nutritional recommendations to reduce my symptoms. This was helpful, but there were symptoms that I still needed to work on – rage and brain fog being the main culprits. This is where stress management in the form of breathwork and HRT came in and proved to be immensely helpful.

The last thing you need when you are knee deep in your overwhelming symptoms and barely able to get through the day is complicated advice to follow. I discovered that if you can get the basics right with your diet and lifestyle, your foundation if you like, you are most of the way there to getting back that person you know and love. 

All the information we need is already out there and readily available to us. It’s not about knowing what to do; it’s about knowing how to do it. And that’s where I come in.

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